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From those just starting out to artists already on their way, ReelMusician offers strategic vocal coaching, career coaching along with jingle demo reels for Jingle Singers and album production as well as artist development strategies.  Mr Gauger is well versed in both session work as well as the business side as a former talent booking agent with the William Morris Agency.  Whether you're looking to get into the jingle and session singing market or need solid career counseling as you drive your career as an artist, group act or band, Mr Gauger will give you solid and credible advice to advance your career! 
“Hard work without talent is a shame, but talent without hard work is a tragedy.” Robert Hall

Industry Expert

NASA - Music Library

Mr Gauger holds partnerships with numerous music development software companies, like Ubisoft, Sony, iZotope, Heavyocity, Camel Audio and numerous others, utilizing his large Convology Impulse Response Library, available at Guitar Center, Musician's Friend, Music 123 and numerous others, recording some of the most unique  places used for convolution reverb.  Mr Gauger has been Featured at Sony on numerous occasions utilizing and showcasing their software on award winning productions.

Music Workshops

Master Class & Workshops

Mr Gauger teaches and facilitates workshops, travels and spends a good bit of time guest speaking.  He participates and runs work shops based on real career strategies and is a former talent booking agent with the famous William Morris Agency (Roseanne Bar, Regis Philbin, Dennis Miller, and 100's of other household names, artists and writers)  booking many country superstars including the late Tammy Wynette, Brooks and Dunn, Vince Gill, etc.  Mr Gauger also teaches master classes - please Contact for more info.

Studio Session Work

Creating Jingle Reels

In addition to being a TV audio producer / writer, he's advised and books acts from America's Got Talent and he's managed a number of acts.  ReelMusician was founded by Mr. Gauger and has been heard on too many commercials to list here, but commercials like O'Charleys, Fox TV, UPN TV station ID's, National TV EquiFax, NHL spots, an array of radio station ID's and other  national radio, TV jingles and albums.  As a writer, you may have heard one of his songs "Who To Love" telecast on the CBS - The Guiding Light.
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