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Ever wonder how some get the deals, with little talent, and others you know, with incredible style and abilities, never even get the slightest nod from industry professionals?  Stop waiting and start moving your music career forward!  While the music industry has changed quite a bit over last few years, obtaining artist career success, is just as much your doing or undoing.  With the right knowledge, skills and abilities, you don’t have to wait.  Let them find you!  Let us help you, let them find you, and better yet, when they do, understand the deals, the music industry language and know how to put together your music business team, with individuals who know the game and play to win!

  Music Career Coaching

Almost every successful artist has had a mentor or coach along the way.  Someone with the skills, level headedness and cool to maintain the right path and to know when opportunity is calling, or whether hot air will keep them stalling.  Mr Gauger coaches with a keen eye on your success, as seen through the eyes of a William Morris talent booking agent.  No more guessing, hear it straight from an industry expert who will guide you with your music career and music artist success!    

  Music Business Success

Music business success is based on knowledge and a real game plan combined with talent.  Success in the music busines is not as much about who you know, but what you know and how you use it.  The fact is, that most never make a dent in their career, giving up to quickly, because they didn’t have a career plan of action.  Making the most of your abilities, discovering your real talent and then moving forward with a genuine plan of action, is the key. 

  Music Career Opportunities

As the industry has changed, so have opportunities.  You can view that as a negative, or embrace it by becoming a real player in the industry.  With the change in the industry, clearly visible to anyone paying attention, your dreams of music career success and opportunities, are just an entreprenuer away.  As affordable software has changed the recording industry, so has social media and the entry points of almost anyone entering the field.  Most of the universities who teach music studies, have all excepted the fact that the industry has changed, their teaching methods have changed and the need to put on your entreprenuer hat, is key!    

Mr Gauger - Seminars

While Mr Gauger runs a very busy schedule, he tries to accommodate and create time for speaking, teaching and for colleges and universities requesting advice on core curriuculum and lecturing.  His love for education, is fueled by his drive for the arts and as such, makes it a priority whenever possible.
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