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Singing Gigs and Session Work continued....

Suddenly most of the, “How did that singer ever make it,” is removed from the playing field leaving room for the real talent in the session singing world, but not the frontline artist record deal signing world.. So how does one go about breaking into session work and singing gigs?  That’s a multi-faceted question depending on what angle of the music business you are going after.  I can tell you that no matter what genre of singing session work whether jingles, commercial, pop, etc, you will have to have a game plan initiated.  Let’s look at a workable game plan. Your number one business card in the business is your demo reel of your vocal skills.  You can not hand out “good” sounding demos, they have to sound great!  There is too much competition out there for you to be handing out “fairly good” demos.  This is obviously your most costly item if you are not currently doing session work and able to ask for a copy of the session you were singing on.  At we record a lot of master quality jingle demos for individuals breaking into the jingle singing world.  This is a great way to get started, because you can use this demo for virtually any type of session work.  With multiple styles of music and vocal range and abilities demonstrated, this is a perfect calling card for the beginning session singer or singer wanting to take a more serious approach at their career.  Think seriously about this type of singer demo – It can be added or modified to fit in and around other types of session singing work on your CD and can really make you sound pro like you have already arrived if your jingles sound like national spots. In general, if money and time are an issue while putting together your demo, than it is better to keep it simple rather than to get the whole big production together without the production sizzle.  Get the best players possible.  If you can only afford a guitar or piano vocal, then get the best player in town – I guarantee you that an incredible guitar/vocal or piano/vocal far outweighs a full rhythm production if the session players aren’t tight.   Some producers would almost rather hear your voice without all of the production elements. You will want to spend time developing a slimmed down press kit with a picture, bio and session work performed.  Don’t go over board, but state the obvious and put your best foot forward.  Make the presentation of your CD with a professional, “I’ve already arrived and I’m successful” look to it, but being gracious and kind to everyone you meet.  You have to adopt the attitude and presentation that you are solid, knowledgeable, and easy to work with without coping any attitude – Bottom line is that you are dependable and fun to work with and deliver the singing goods every time. You will want to attend artist showcases, send your CD or email mp3’s to jingle houses, ad agencies, industrial music houses, and producers in your area.  You can branch out to major music cities like Chicago, LA, New York, Atlanta, Dallas, etc especially if you have a jingle demo.  A 60 second national spot could land you $20,000 or more for a 13 week run with possible multiple runs of this campaign earning you even more money.   You will want to follow up with everyone you come in contact with and treat this like a business, because it is.  Have a business contact program or rolodex and state conversation, date and any follow up with contact numbers.  Be organized and timely.  Creating a website, while not mandatory can certainly help your image as one that is not only professional, but above a lot of the rest.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a website either.  Make sure your picture, music, upcoming events, resume of session work, contact info reside on your website and keep it maintained. Having multiple demos is a good idea as well.  If you have a second or third demo, it helps to remind individuals who you are and keeps your name going across their desk.  You might consider sending out cards of thank you or an email to say thanks and to keep you in mind for upcoming session work.  In closing, keep at it, keep a professional image with a great attitude and a fabulous sounding demo, and over time your phone should start ringing for session work and gigs.

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