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Tom is really aware of both my vocal skills and where I want to go with my career, which has made a huge difference as a singer and with my career direction! Susan C Palatine, IL
In the past I have worked with nice vocal instructors, but I just didn’t feel like I was going anywhere with my career.  Tom really understands the business side, along with producing and singing on national TV and radio and knows what’s needed and how to get there! Mark M Chicago, IL

Reel Musician Reviews and Testimonials

At ReelMusician, we take vocal coaching and career coaching very seriously.  Our goal is for everyone, that we work with, obtain the necessary vocal skills and music career industry knowledge, to allow them to enter the field and to achieve their goals and dreams.  “That is our goal, each and every session.”  - Tom Gauger
Before I met Mr Gauger, I really didn’t understand how to open up and now both my singing and range have drastically improved.  I am grateful for his honesty and forward thinking. Ryan T Nashville, TN
Tom has the unique ability to bring out the emotion in my voice, and get me to sing the song through the lens of the audience - not just singing theory and exersizes, but very practical vocal coaching. Paul J Arlington Hts, IL
Hi, my name is Tammi from California, and I wanted to say that Tom Gauger has done a wonderful Job helping my daughter achieve her singing goals. He has helped her build confidence in her pitch and sound. He takes the teaching process step by step, and is very knowledgeable in the singing industry. His expertise truly shows in my daughter’s progress. Thank you Tom, Very much!! Tammi CA
“I should have started here - I would be that much further ahead!”
One of the best background singers I have ever worked with!
Tom Gauger... has not only an incredible voice,  but I've never been around someone with EARS like that, and I'm not talking about how they look!... he hears EVERYTHING... and coaches us in group and solo sessions with a fantastic attitude.   LOVE working with this guy!" Deb T Nashville, TN
There’s a reason that Tom is viewed as one of the best vocal coaches in the industry - he just doesn’t settle for second rate and always pushes for what could be! Robert W Jacksonvile, FL
Working with Tom in the studio years past, was a real eye (and ear) opener.  From an engineering viewpoint there may be a lot things that one would let go (or not even hear) when it came to vocals.  The singer, and producer if present, usually catch little anomalies and pitch things. Tom not only has a way of matching the right vocalist with the right song, but also a great ear for pitch, phrasing, delivery, and even getting the singer(s) in the right mood.  We were cutting vocals on a jingle one session with three female vocalists.  To set the mood he asked the vocalists to "pretend" they were sassy secretaries.  Worked on the first take!   Steve M.
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