Reel Musician - Home for Jingle Singers, Vocal Coaching and Career Coaching Reel Musician Vocal Coaching Program - now offered through Skype, FaceTime & Hangouts!  We work with younger singers, just starting out, to adults in various teaching and coaching settings.  From in person, to online, that includes Skype, Facetime and Hangouts.  Our teaching is so flexible, that we work with singers and class rooms, from all over the country. We understand each individual learns a little differently and so our aim is to find the right balance that creates a learning experience that is enjoyable, yet totally excels at excellence and that is the backdrop to everything that we do, each and every session, to propel and move your singing career forward!    Our Vocal Coaching Programs are based on your singing goals, maintaining great vocal practice, while developing step by step singing career paths. While there are some amazing coaches out there, many in the industry, drag out lessons, wasting time and resources.  We support solid vocal coaching, great singing techniques and couple that with an artist career path program, that is tailored to who you are as a singer and your career - where you want to end up.  No gimmicks, tricks, or never ending breathing exercises, just outcomes.  Itís that simple - we want you to succeed!
Coaching With a William Morris Talent Agent As a talent booking agent with the William Morris Agency, Mr Gauger booked national touring acts for a number of years.  He has an earned reputation as a leader in education and as a vocal coach, working with singers from numerous TV shows, networks and with vocalists that want a genuine singing career with solid coaching and a competitive edge. Mr Gauger understands not only the vocal and artistic singing side of the industry, but the music business side as well and knows the playing field and how to prepare those trying to break in.  It’s one thing to learn how to be a Jingle Singer, and another to make a living at it, or push for an artist recording deal.  Mr Gauger understands and sees the big picture.
Vocal Coaching & Career Planning For Success Each vocal session includes a quick re-cap of the previous week, notes on singing techniques, that were worked on, along with each singer’s career path plan.  Vocal sessions are a combination of vocal coaching great singing techniques, along with planning artist career success and taking measured steps to break in to the industry and music career.  Each session then, is divided up into two main actions, each meshing with the other throughout the session.  In other words, the individual who wants to Sing Jingles, Broadway, Film or who wants to record and break onto the scene as a Recording Artist, is going to be coached vocally, from that perspective and goal in mind, with the knowledge and know how, to build a career path that takes them there, in real tangible steps.
Vocal Coaching - Driven Purpose & Results Our Vocal Coaching Sessions are driven with purpose, to guarantee results.  There’s no reason to treat your singing career as a maybe or a possibility.  With the proper vocal coaching and career planning, you could be launching your career and changing your future.  No doubt, you need solid singing skills and vocal coaching, that will last your entire career, but if you’re not doing it with purpose and seeing tangible results, you might want to re-think your career startegy.  Vocal coaching has to produce real and tangible results, that you can both hear and see, as you forge your career, not because someone tells you that you’re good, but because you just are - and that comes from purposeful, results driven coaching and a decisive career plan.
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Take your music artist career to the next level!  Reel Musician has been the trusted source for years and is well known, both on the business and creative side of the industry, with results that you can trust with your artist career development!
Vocal coaching without a plan, is like starting a business without  the proper knowledge, backing and preperation to make it happen.  Don’t float aimlessly, let us help discover & plan your career!
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Vocal Coaching starts not by merely finding the wrong things, but by doing the right things right and working on a career plan that’s visible and obtainable, one step at a time, finding, building and maximizing your potential strengths.
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